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Late Spring Chicken Dinner



It's Time to Meet Up at BITE ME Again for Dinner


We have fresh Sap Bush Hollow Chickens and gorgeous vegetables from Barbers Farm.

We take our farmhouse cuisine and bring it to BITE ME, our occasional bistro.  Great food and great company.  

One seating at 6 pm




It doesn't happen often but when it does you'll want to be here.  Dinner will be held in our bistro room; seating is limited, the company is always varied and lively and companionable.

We will have a beer/wine/cider license for this event.  Ticket price does not include beverage.  

Farm Fresh Chickens with Lemon Sauce

Just Picked Greens from Barbers Farm

Wild Mushroom Saute

Crazy Rice

Farmhouse Tarts Made With BITE ME Preserves


The menu vegetables may change according to what Barber's are picking that day. Don't fret, they have the best veggies anywhere.

Our friend, Shannon, gets us great chickens from her family farm up the road; she also inspired us with a fantastic lemon sauce for them; she also has a delicious cafe down the road; she also has the above chicken sign in her cafe.  Here's a shout out to her for supplying us with what we need for dinner on the 23rd.

Our friends at Barber's Farm grow the best vegetables around so whatever they're picking that day is what we're putting on your plate. We don't know what it is yet because they don't either but whatever it is will be as fresh as you can find.  Anywhere. There may be some mushrooms involved depending on what we can rustle up given the day, the weather, and the local forager. We'll see.   BITE ME tarts with our own preserves will top it all off for dessert.  

It will be a singular feast in the farmhouse cooking style we love.  So will you. Seating is limited; reserve soon.