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Memories of a Ukrainian Grandmother - A DINNER

My grandmother, Paulina Shmigelsky, was from the Ukraine, the land of my favorite food memories:  borscht, pyrohi (perogi), holbutsi (stuffed cabbage leaves), vushkas (mushroom dumplings), Pampushky (punchkies - jelly donuts), Perekladanets (poppy seed cake)

Paulina Shmigelsiy  photo by Peter Krumhardt

Paulina Shmigelsiy

photo by Peter Krumhardt

Join us for dinner on Saturday March 10th at 7 when some of Paulina's most favored recipes will be served up.  There will be one serving at 7 and seating will be limited.

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garlicky bread

garlicky bread

photos by Kris Kirkham

roasted beets.JPG
layer cake.JPG
poppy seed cake.jpg